Brooke Balderson

"Mrs. Balderson connects learning and play, which gives students room to grow and expand. Her ability to facilitate deeper learning as a first year teacher is monumental and usually takes others years to create. She has done a phenomenal job."

- Brooke Balderson, Navigator of the Quarter

Amy Donovan

"Ms. Donovan goes out of her way to engage with the students, calls them by name, and remembers things they have told her. She is so patient and always gives them choices for their meals...She goes above and beyond to include every student and make them feel special."

- Amy Donovan, Navigator of the Quarter

Kelsey Eanes

"The love Mrs. Eanes has for her students, the passion she carries to see every last student child loves school because of her and we are truly blessed to have her teach my children. She has been amazing. She has made school fun for him."

- Kelsey Eanes, Navigator of the Quarter

Bailey Hooper

"Mrs. Hooper is one of the best math teachers I've ever had. She makes subjects that I've previously struggled with easy to understand and even helps to prepare for the math that we'll see entering high school."

- Bailey Hooper, Navigator of the Quarter

Clark Laster

"Mr. Laster messages parents, keeps us updated on progress, makes connections with students a priority, and is invested in his students' lives."

- Clark Laster, Navigator of the Quarter

Sherri Liverman

"Mrs. Liverman has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of any and every child she has had or still has. She is a team player and continues to show colleagues what it's like to have open communication, passion for teaching, and commitment for students."

- Sherri Liverman, Navigator of the Quarter

Jill Shores

"Mrs. Shores goes absolutely above and beyond to ensure each and every child understands the value of their education and importance of doing their best each and every day. She has the students' best interests in mind. She loves and cares for each student."

- Jill Shores, Navigator of the Quarter

Matthew Short

"Mr. Short makes every attempt to provide real-world experiences tied to realistic workplace readiness skills. He empowers students to take control of their learning, demonstrates and holds students to high expectations, collaborates with parents as true partners."

- Matthew Short, Navigator of the Quarter

Carrie Ward

"Mrs. Ward is an asset to Middlesex High School. She goes above and beyond for each and every student of the Middlesex County School Division."

- Carrie Ward, Navigator of the Quarter

Dale White

"Mrs. White enhances students' opportunities to learn and grow academically and socially. She is dedicated to the students, staff, and MES community. She encourages them to do their best. She is loved and respected by the students."

- Dale White, Navigator of the Quarter