Beaton Healy

"Mrs. Healy's dedication to advancing her expertise in literacy is unmatched. She ensures understanding among all staff regarding the changes in literacy and facilitates their professional development in literacy. Beaton is a trusted mentor and friend to teachers. "

- Beaton Healy, Navigator of the Quarter

Cynthia Pack

"Ms. Pack creates opportunities for each of these populations to succeed and excel. She works exceptionally hard to create environments of trust with each of these populations and generally honors each individual whether strength or needs."

- Cynthia Pack, Navigator of the Quarter

Lisa Jett

"Mrs. Jett establishes a community of trust and collaboration with ALL students. She listens, encourages, and understands students when others cannot. She is a trusted adult for those who need her, and the students appreciate all that she does for them. "

- Lisa Jett, Navigator of the Quarter

Lori Gregory

"Ms. Gregory is always helpful, caring and patient with all students. She helps students to remain calm and happy to be going to school on a daily basis. She is prepared to do whatever the job requires."

- Lori Gregory, Navigator of the Quarter

Mariah Robinson

"Ms. Robinson is a leader and a stellar teacher. She is always working hard to provide a meaningful educational environment for her students, and she always has fun and engaging lessons prepared. She's an inspiration to me as a new teacher, and an amazing friend!"

- Mariah Robinson, Navigator of the Quarter

Meredith Wyatt

"Ms. Wyatt is extremely helpful to staff and students. She has helped mentor me to make my classroom a better environment. She serves our students every day with a smile! Students know her and she will always treat them with respect and understanding."

- Meredith Wyatt, Navigator of the Quarter

Nadine Adams

"Mrs. Adams demonstrates an exceptional commitment to professional development and student support within the school community. She exhibits a remarkable dedication to enhancing literacy skills among both educators and students."

- Nadine Adams, Navigator of the Quarter

Nicole Huntley

"Mrs. Huntley is an excellent resource. She has a passion for learning and works to support an environment of creation, exploration, and engagement. She makes technology easy and fun for everyone. It's never a surprise to see students greeting her!"

- Nicole Huntley, Navigator of the Quarter

Perla Williams

"Ms. Williams is a key element for the PAES program and the involvement of the students in our program. She is an extremely valuable team member throughout the school system. "

- Perla Williams, Navigator of the Quarter

Sarah Mauney

"Ms. Mauney is always there when we need a friend, a collaborator, or a helping hand. She is always the first to volunteer and the first to roll up her sleeves when needed. She is pulled in multiple different directions all at once, but she remains a steady hand."

- Sarah Mauney, Navigator of the Quarter

Chelsea Hunt

"Ms. Hunt has complete dedication to the learning experience of her students and collaboration with her co- workers. She is also the sponsor for K-Kids Club, coaches T Ball, and serves with the PTO. She connects with current and former students in the community."

- Chelsea Hunt, Navigator of the Quarter

Billie Eubank

"Ms. Eubank works incredibly hard to make sure the students of Middlesex county travel safely to and from school. She is often the first one in the building, the last one to leave, and works tirelessly to make sure everything runs smoothly. "

- Billie Eubank, Navigator of the Quarter