Superintendent's Welcome

4 months ago

Tracy B Seitz, Ed.D


(804) 758- 2277

Peter M Gretz


4 months ago

Office of the Superintendent
Dr. Tracy B. Seitz, Superintendent 
Kim Bagby, Executive Assistant
Ellen Wilson, Administrative Assistant
Dr. Byron Bishop, Assistant Superintendent
Steve Dunkel, Division Director of Testing
Kathleen Velez, Director of Exceptional Education & Federal Programs
Melvina Robinson, Coordinator for Career & Technical Education
Macy Swift, Coordinator for Gifted Education
Carol Walsh, Mathematics Specialist
Beaton Healy, Literary Specialist
Nicole Huntley, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT)
Steve Dunkel, Director of Assessment, Research and Technology
Jess Croswell, Data Specialist
Vicki Owen, Computer Technician
Kathy Ruark, Computer Technician and Webmaster
Karen Murray, Director of Finance
Donna Sickal, Payroll & Accounts Payable
Jessica Chewning, Human Resource Specialist
Dustin Harris, Director of Operations & Transportation
Billie Eubank, Supervisor of School Transportation
Christal Jett, Supervisor of School Nutrition
Matt Stamm, Title IX Coordinator

Special Services
Leslie Bell-Stanton, School Psychologist
Ron Hostinsky, Social Worker, Foster Care & Homeless Liaison