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Superintendent's Welcome

about 1 year ago

Peter M Gretz, Ed.D


(804) 758- 2277


Peter M Gretz
Dear visitor,
I'm thrilled to invite you to learn more about the inspiring work of the Middlesex County Public Schools (MCPS). 
Our work is guided by a long-range strategic plan, Navigation 2020, that calls us to a common mission of preparing our students to maximize their potential as learners, citizens and leaders. We value engaging, innovating instruction that focuses on authentic deeper learning experiences and performance based assessments in which our students' passions and talents are showcased.
While students are at the very heart of all we do, we believe our learning community extends far beyond the classroom walls and includes each of us - students, staff, community members, and families. We all have a responsibility to value and model learning, and each one of us has the opportunity to have a positive impact on those around us. Our mission encourages us to keep that larger community in view as we pursue excellent instruction, thriving partnerships, and dynamic, safe learning spaces.
Our website is designed to make our school division and associated information and processes accessible to you, but nothing takes the place of personal contact. I look forward to meeting you and learning more about how the MCPS journey can both enhance and involve your special skills!

Dr. Gretz is the Chief Executive Officer for the Middlesex County Public Schools and is responsible for the implementation of School Board policy and daily operations of the school division.  As the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Gretz provides support to all instructional areas and ensures that all students have an opportunity for success.  The Superintendent and the Middlesex County School Board are bound in a mutual trust partnership to fully execute the vision of a better community through better schools.


about 1 month ago

Office of the Superintendent
Dr. Peter Gretz, Superintendent 
Peggy Jordan, Executive Assistant
Ellen Wilson, Administrative Assistant
Dr. Tracy Seitz, Assistant Superintendent
Steve Dunkel, Division Director of Testing
Kathleen Velez, Director of Exceptional Education & Federal Programs
Melvina Robinson, Coordinator for Career & Technical Education
Katie Wilkins, Coordinator for Gifted Education
Carol Walsh, Mathematics Specialist
Beaton Healy, Literary Specialist
Nicole Huntley, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT)
Steve Dunkel, Director of Assessment, Research and Technology
Bob Fleck, Data Specialist
Vicki Owen, Computer Technician
Kathy Ruark, Computer Technician and Webmaster
Karen Murray, Director of Finance
Donna Anderson, Human Resource Specialist

Greg Harrow, Director of Operations & Transportation
Billie Eubank, Supervisor of School Transportation
Christal Jett, Supervisor of School Nutrition
Matt Stamm, Title IX Coordinator

Special Services
Vacant, School Psychologist
Ron Hostinsky, Social Worker

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Staff Members
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