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Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective 1 - Excellent Teaching and Learning

Continue distinguished instruction designed to meet the needs of individual learners by engaging students in rigorous, meaningful, and authentic work, developing them into critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and strong communicators.

Strategic Objective 2 - Balanced Assessment
Accurately measure student progress and achievement by developing and implementing a balanced assessment system reflecting mastery and demonstrating desired outcomes for student success.

Strategic Objective 3 - Positive Learning Environment
Provide and maintain a positive learning environment that promotes goal setting, safety, achievement, innovation, collaboration, and reflection.

Strategic Objective 4 - Build Capacity

Build capacity by promoting high expectations for performance and professionalism emphasizing recruitment, hiring, retention, and development of human capital. 

Strategic Objective 5 - Community Partnerships
Enhance our community by fostering strong relationships with parents, business leaders, community members, and civic organizations in active partnership to support student achievement.

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