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Fast Facts About MCPS

Our Vision
Preparing students for excellence in the local and global economies of tomorrow.
Our Mission
In a safe and personalized learning environment, the Middlesex County Public Schools will prepare our students to be successful learners, citizens, and leaders in tomorrow’s local and global economies through exceptional teaching and learning opportunities characterized by inquiry, innovation, and partnerships.
Our Goal
By the year 2020, all of our students will be on a path to graduate on time, prepared to become productive citizens in tomorrow’s local and global economies.
Desired Outcomes Demonstrating Student Success
Our focus is on teaching and assessing the skills that our students will need in order to thrive as learners, citizens, and leaders in tomorrow’s local and global economies.  To demonstrate success, all Middlesex County Public Schools students will be:
  • Academically proficient, exceeding standards and certification criteria;
  • Effective thinkers, collaborators, and communicators;
  • Independent, responsible citizens;
  • Future oriented, with goals and passion.

Number of Schools 1 Elementary School
1 Middle School
1 High School

Number of Instructional Staff

Number of Support Staff

Number of Buses

Number of Students

Average Student to Teacher Ratios by School
K-5 - 18:1
6-8 - 18:1
9-12 - 16:1

Average Per Pupil Expenditure
$11,682 (FY18)

Annual Operating Budget
$16,006,935 (FY18)

Regional Partners
Bridging Communities Regional Technical Education Center (New Kent)
Chesapeake Bay Governor's School (Rappahannock Community College)
Middle Peninsula Regional Special Education Program (Gloucester)
Middle Peninsula RACE Adult Education (King William)
Regional Alternative School Program (Gloucester)

ADA Compliance Errors 0